Booster announcement expected soon

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Dear Patient,

As the number of COVID cases and related hospitalizations continue to rise in our state, many of you are asking about a booster shot for your previous COVID vaccination.

As of today, the FDA has approved a third dose, or booster, only for individuals with a compromised immune system. We have contacted these patients and offered them a third dose.

What comes next?
The FDA’s Advisory Committee meets tomorrow (September 17) to review the data around the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine as a booster (Moderna continues to collect data and will likely present its results for review in the coming weeks).

The FDA Advisory Committee will hand its recommendation to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to make specific clinical recommendations about the booster — the timing of the shot, who should receive it, etc. That ACIP meeting is likely a week away.

Consequently, there will be a period in which a booster may be authorized by the FDA while booster administration protocols are still under development by the ACIP.

When can I get my shot?
You’ll likely see news reports following the FDA’s announcement in the coming days, but until the ACIP group of the CDC issues its guidance, we won’t know if or when booster shots will be available and who will be eligible.

Rest assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and will send out a follow-up message when we learn more.

Thank you for your patience
Since reopening our full slate of services in the spring, we have experienced a significant increase in call volume and appointment requests. Our staff is working hard to meet the greater demand while providing the same individual attention you have come to expect from our medical group. We appreciate your patience and understanding if your call hold-time is a bit longer or the turnaround time to refill a prescription has increased. We are incredibly proud of our remarkable staff whose top priority is to provide you with an exceptional experience.

Thank you for entrusting your care to InterMed. Please stay safe and well.

Dan Loiselle, MD, Chief Medical Officer, and the entire InterMed Care Team