David Turitz – A Patient’s Story

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InterMed patient David Turitz, with Casco.

Dr. Amy Sedgwick and the Urgent Care team were here when Patient David Turitz needed care on a Saturday.

While most people were enjoying a three-day holiday weekend, InterMed patient David Turitz was in pain. “I have a history of kidney stones and was really feeling lousy,” he says. “But this was a different discomfort, and I was troubled by it.”

It was late on Saturday afternoon, and with the office of his InterMed primary care provider closed for the long weekend, David thought there was no hope of being seen until the practice reopened on Tuesday. “I figured it was too late.” But he took a chance and called — and was pleasantly surprised.

“Urgent Care was still open, and we set up an appointment,” he says. Better yet, our care team found an earlier opening and called back to see if he could come in immediately.

Our Urgent Care offers an option to our patients who can’t be immediately seen by their regular InterMed provider. That was good news for David.

Amy Sedgwick, MD, Urgent Care Physician

David was examined by Amy Sedgwick, MD, who ordered a CAT scan that was completed on-site. Turns out, he had a series of five kidney stones. “Dr. Sedgwick gave me a shot which was immediately beneficial,” he says. “I felt much better that night and I passed the stone the next morning.”

Dr. Sedgwick’s staff also entered David’s office visit into his records, where the details could be reviewed by his primary care provider.

David said the staff was “very thorough and complete. Absolutely first rate. On a scale of one to 10, these guys are a 10.”

InterMed Urgent Care is available to InterMed patients from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week. Our Urgent Care is staffed by emergency medicine trained physicians and a team of support staff ready to meet your acute care needs.