Generations, Southern Maine’s leading provider of women’s healthcare, is now InterMed Women’s Health

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New name reflects the growing OB/GYN team’s alignment with InterMed’s mission of providing comprehensive care to patients and families.

InterMed, Maine’s largest physician-owned primary care practice, today announced it has renamed its Generations OB/GYN practice InterMed Women’s Health.

InterMed’s mission—care without compromise—has also long been the focus of its patient-centered OB/GYN practice, but the new name better reflects this alignment and its commitment to providing the best patient care in the community.

Watch a short video to learn more about InterMed Women’s Health and the role we play helping women navigate the journey of life.

“Women’s health—from routine gynecological exams to obstetrics to lifelong primary care—is more critical today than ever,” says Jennifer Pofahl, MD, Chief of Women’s Health at InterMed. “We care for the whole woman, at whatever stage of life she may be in. We have the opportunity to get to know our patients, and for them to get to know us.”

“Our OB/GYN practice is often where we begin a relationship with a patient, and then we can continue to offer quality care throughout their lives and across family members,” says Dan McCormack, CEO of InterMed. “We’re changing the name so our patients can better recognize the continuum of care they can receive at InterMed.”

The practice recently added two Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Julie McFarland, MD, and Mary Lavoie, MD, and welcomed Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Steffen.

“The practice of women’s health is changing at such a fast pace,” says Dr. Pofahl. “We are constantly innovating and staying on top of the latest technology and data. The addition of fresh, enthusiastic perspectives is invaluable to both patients and the physicians in the practice.”

InterMed Women’s Health has offices at 84 Marginal Way in Portland and 259 Main Street in Yarmouth. Both are accepting new patients.