Mom of three grateful for InterMed’s convenience and quality of care

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The Powell Family chooses InterMed.

A busy mother of three, Christina Powell has made her share of trips to the pediatrician. Her three children, ages 4, 6, and 12, have been patients of InterMed and Dr. Jeffrey Peterson for four years.

Christina gives high marks to the care she and her family receive, and likes the convenience provided by our Yarmouth office, an easy drive from her home.

“It’s a really great group and I love that everyone knows us,” says Christina, who is also an InterMed patient, receiving care from Internal Medicine’s Dr. Tim Carnes, as well as Dr. Jenny Pofahl of our Women’s Health team.

“I like everything about InterMed,” says Christina. “I love that when I call when the kids are sick, I get someone right away. I’m always able to get in when they are sick.”

Christina’s youngest has a medical issue that brings him to the office more than her other children, and she appreciates the Pediatric team’s support and flexibility: “Everybody is always very understanding — very ‘go with the flow.’ I tell my kids that Dr. Peterson really cares about them. It’s hard to put into words how much I love everyone in the office, and I couldn’t ask for better care.”