Resources to help navigate sick season with confidence

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A young boy in bed sleeping with his blue knit bunny stuffed animal.To the families of our pediatric patients,

Sick season is upon us with the “tri-demic” of COVID, influenza and RSV viruses soaring among our pediatric patients. The good news is that these upper respiratory viruses – as well as the common cold – usually can be managed effectively at home. We wanted to equip you with resources to help you navigate the season with confidence.

Resources on home care

Home care with plenty of clear fluids and rest, along with age-appropriate doses of over-the-counter medicine, often provide the best remedy. Our Health and Wellness Library contains the same materials that our care teams share during office visits and telephone advice calls. We have materials specific to the needs of our pediatric patients on timely topics including:

When to seek additional help 

If your child has severe trouble breathing, call 911 immediately. Contact your care team if your child experiences a new or higher fever or if they are not getting better as expected. For non-urgent questions, we recommend using MyInterMed, our patient portal, for expedited and convenient communication with your child’s care team.

We apologize for the lengthy telephone wait times and know that our patients and their families are feeling this strain.

COVID protocols

To ensure the health of all who enter our doors, patients with any COVID symptoms are required to test for COVID within 48 hours of coming to our offices. For the most seamless process, please administer an at-home COVID test within 48 hours of your child’s appointment. If you do not have access to at-home testing, your child will be scheduled for testing at InterMed.

Healthy habits to stay well

Healthy eating, regular exercise, good sleep habits and proper hand hygiene can help your child stay well and have lots of energy for school and play. So can staying up to date with your child’s seasonal flu and COVID vaccines. While our appointment availability is limited, many community resources, including pharmacies and grocery stores, provide these vaccines to children as young as 6 months old.

Thank you again for your patience as we work together to care for the children in our community during these challenging times. We are honored to be entrusted with your child’s care.

Please stay safe and well.

Mary Jennings, MD, Chief of Pediatrics and Kristy Pulsifer, DO, Chief of Family Medicine