Our role in stopping COVID

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Dear Patient,

Winter and the holidays are fast approaching, sending many of us inside and creating more opportunities to spread the coronavirus. Maine remains below the national average in COVID-19 transmission, although we’ve seen an uptick in recent weeks.

We continue to make great strides in our understanding of the virus. At the same time, I’m frustrated with the volume of misinformation that’s circulating. I’d like to share some science-based information and guidance.

First, COVID-19 remains a very real and serious threat. While many people experience mild or no symptoms, other become seriously ill. Despite advances in treatment, we’re still seeing too many deaths.

Wearing a mask helps stop the spread. Contagious people who carry coronavirus — which include those who have no symptoms —expel the virus into the air when they speak, laugh, cough, or sneeze. A mask decreases the amount of coronavirus that is sent into the air that others could inhale. A mask also offers some protection for wearers.

The virus also lives on surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops. Your best defense? Regular handwashing and surface cleaning.

Larger events, often referred to as super spreaders, have been cited for several outbreaks, but smaller gatherings also present a risk. Friends and family who appear healthy could be carrying the virus. Play it safe by limiting visits, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing whenever possible.

Finally, a reminder for those with InterMed appointments in the coming weeks:

• Please cover your nose and mouth with a mask prior to entering our building and wear it for the entire visit.
• We’ll take your temperature when you enter.
• Unless necessary, please come to your appointment alone.
• We do not allow walk-in visits at any of our practice sites. Please call your physician’s office to ensure you receive care in the most appropriate way and location.

We’re seven months into this pandemic and likely have a few more to go. As several vaccines make their way through trials, it’s important that we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep each other and our loved ones healthy.

Stay safe and well,

Dr. Dan Loiselle
InterMed Chief Medical Officer