Behavioral Health

Below are some behavioral health materials for your reference.


Vanderbilt ADHD Assessment – Initial Parent Form
Vanderbilt ADHD Assessment – Initial Teacher Form
Vanderbilt ADHD Assessment – Follow-up Parent Form
Vanderbilt ADHD Assessment – Follow-up Teacher Form


Break the Anxiety Cycle with CBT

How do deal with negative thoughts?

Challenging Negative Thoughts

Socratic questioning
Grounding techniques
Things I worry about

Chart of feelings


Art of being present
12 Essential Rules to Live More Like a Zen Monk
Mind full or mindful?

Stress Management

Self care
Stress management during COVID-19
Mental Health wellness during a quarantine


Slow down and THINK

Anger iceberg
Assertive communication
Chart of feelings

Links to relaxing videos


Behavioral Health Release Form

Other resources

Psych Hub video library

Hotline Triangle – Immediate Support Services