InterMed Telehealth – Extended Hours

InterMed is proud to offer extended hours for telehealth visits to our patients. You can schedule an appointment with a provider between 5 – 8 pm, Monday – Friday.

If your child’s provider is with our Pediatrics team in Portland, South Portland or Yarmouth, you can book an appointment with Pediatrics Telehealth.

Before booking an appointment, please review our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

Visits can be conducted from either a mobile device or computer.

  • Once your appointment is booked, you’ll receive an email confirmation and a second email with details about your televisit.
  • Approximately 30 minutes prior to your appointment, you will receive a reminder email containing a link to your appointment and, if applicable, a text message to your smart phone, from which you can launch the visit.
  • Please remember to unblock your camera and microphone prior to your visit.
  • At the time of visit, please have your insurance card and a valid ID on hand to show the provider. For minors, a parent must be present to provide consent and provide ID.

Need help?

  • Additional instructions can be found at InterMed’s Telehealth Page.
  • If you have issues connecting to your appointment, please call (207) 847-5367.

Scheduling an appointment – InterMed After Hours Telehealth

By clicking on the “Book” button below, I acknowledge that I have read InterMed’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


  • If your child’s provider is with our Family Medicine team in South Portland or Yarmouth, select “Family Medicine Telehealth” below
  • If your child’s provider is with our Pediatrics team, select “Pediatrics Telehealth” below.


  • If your provider is located at Internal Medicine in Portland (Marginal Way), select “Internal Medicine Telehealth” below.
  • If your provider is located at Family Medicine in South Portland or Yarmouth, select “Family Medicine Telehealth” below.
  • Women’s Health does not offer self-scheduling at this time.

Please note that your information will not be reviewed until just before your appointment, so please consider that in determining the timing of your appointment. Telehealth appointments are not intended for emergency visits. Please call 911 or go to your local emergency department for emergencies.

Please schedule your appointment at least 15 minutes in advance to allow time for our system to process the request.