Family Medicine with Obstetrics

We are Family Medicine with Obstetrics physicians who provide pregnancy, obstetric, postpartum and newborn care to families.

Patients get to know each of us during their prenatal visits and one of us attends every one of our patients’ deliveries at Maine Medical Center. In addition to providing postpartum and newborn care in the hospital, we also care for infants and pediatric patients.

Our patients develop a comfortable relationship with Family Medicine Obstetrics physicians invested in their pregnancy care. They also have the support of InterMed’s Ob-Gyn group if needed, for example, for a cesarean section.

We are available to provide this care to our own primary care patients as well as patients of any family medicine physician who would like to see us during their pregnancies

Family Medicine with Obstetrics Staff

Elizabeth Bobzien, MD
David Clark, DO
Tess Carley, MD
Alexandra Roberts, MD
Megan Staton, MD