InterMed Pediatrics is welcoming new patients. For more information, please visit our Become a Patient webpage.

pic_intermed-pediatricsOur Pediatrics department provides comprehensive care to newborns, children and adolescents. Routine wellness visits form the cornerstone of our practice, from immunization to screening for developmental milestones and medical and behavioral health conditions.

Our vaccination rates are among the highest in Maine, as noted by the State and the insurance industry. The practice is also certified by Let’s Go!, a program aimed at reducing childhood obesity in Maine.

Our team has also been recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics for InterMed’s efforts on the Childhood Asthma Collaborative.

We also perform physicals for school, athletics and camp. Our pediatricians are exceptionally kid-friendly, warm and approachable. Prenatal “meet and greet” appointments are available so that you can choose the InterMed pediatrician who is right for you.

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

Our child and adolescent psychiatrist works within the primary care team to provide mental healthcare support to patients and their families.


Our physicians welcome newborns as patients. Please contact our Pediatric New Patient Line at (207) 847-5395 for more information.

Our position on vaccinations

InterMed values the health and safety of our patients and community and believes that routine childhood immunizations safely and effectively protect individuals against preventable infectious diseases while also improving broader public health outcomes.

Considering the impact on patient and community well-being, InterMed supports the immunization recommendations set forth by the CDC and does not support nonmedical exemptions.

Pediatric Medical Staff

= This provider has limited openings for new patients. Please call our Pediatrics New Patient Line at (207) 847-5395 to learn more.