Clinical Research

The InterMed Research Department was established by its physicians in 2010. There are currently many options for medications to treat and tests to diagnose disease, but we hope to help bring more options to patients. We are indebted to the many researchers and patients in the past who have participated in studies to give us the medications and tests we have today.

In clinical research, individuals volunteer to participate in carefully planned and conducted investigations. All trials are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and again by an Institutional Review Board to ensure that risks are minimal and worth potential benefits. Potential InterMed study patients are selected by their primary care physicians and contacted to discuss the study. If interested after discussions, the patient receives written information about the study and signs documents agreeing to be in the study. Patients are not bound to remain in a study, however, and withdrawal is acceptable at any time for any reason.

InterMed is proud to be participating in various research trials to help build better medical care for us all. We are excited to bring new treatment options for our patients. Your support is appreciated!