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We’re lucky. Women from throughout Southern Maine honor us with the privilege of participating in their healthcare. Every patient who walks through our doors represents a unique and special relationship. And that’s why we love our work.


Many patients have been with us for years. To us, they’re like family. Others are here for the first time, beginning a new journey and inviting us along.

In our three decades of providing care for women, we’ve seen countless medical advances. But at the core of InterMed Women’s Health, and what patients say sets us apart, is the personal connection we share with each and every woman who entrusts her care to us. It’s a relationship — a partnership — that we take very seriously.

The video below highlights this relationship, and features both patients and physicians. We invite you to take a few minutes to learn more about InterMed Women’s Health, and the role we play helping women navigate the journey of life.


Join the Intermed Family

InterMed has providers for the entire family. From the newest newborn to grandma and grandpa, find a provider you can trust with your family.