Medical Records

Medical Records

Our Health Information Management team is dedicated to fulfilling your medical records needs while maintaining the privacy and security of your protected health information in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

For medical records requests or questions, please contact the Health Information Department directly at (207) 523-3963, Option 2.

How long will it take to complete my medical records request?

Processing times may vary depending on the complexity and urgency of your request. Most requests are completed within 30 calendar days of receipt of your request.

If records are needed for an upcoming appointment or due to illness or emergency, please indicate that the request is urgent and, if applicable, include your appointment date.  We reserve the right to determine what constitutes an urgent situation.

How much does a copy of records cost?

For lawyers and third-party requestors, there may be a “reasonable cost-based fee” for copying protected health information in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). InterMed patients do not pay a fee to send a copy of their records to another medical office or to have a copy for themselves.

How do I request an amendment to my medical record?

Please contact Health Information Management for a Request for Amendment of Protected Health Information at (207) 523-3963, Option 2.

Once completed, send the completed, signed and dated form to us. You may mail it to:

InterMed Health Information Management
100 Gannett Drive, Suite C
South Portland, ME 04106

You may also upload the completed form to Secure File Upload Portal, or fax to us at (207) 523-8581.

Please allow up to 60 calendar days for a decision on your amendment request.

Can I access my medical records electronically?

With MyInterMed, our patient portal, you can directly access a limited set of your records, including your immunizations. You can also access referral information and status, send a message to our team and request a medication renewal – all through a secure website or through the Healow app for your mobile device.

Learn more about MyInterMed patient portal

What do I need to know about disability and Family Medical Leave Act requests?

InterMed will be unable to process your disability form or Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) request until we receive a completed, signed authorization to release records form from you or the disability firm.

Disability Claims:

All requests are completed and processed once we receive a signed patient authorization. Please contact your disability carrier directly to ensure they send this form with the request.

Patient FMLA Forms (Not Insurers):

Please complete an InterMed Authorization to Disclose PHI form to complete this requirement. To access a copy of this form, click here. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Health Information Management Department directly at (207) 523-3963, Option 2

What is the best way to send you a file for my doctor’s review or a completed form you need from me?

You may upload your files and completed authorizations to our Secure File Upload. This is the most efficient way to send records or files to us.

  • Acceptable file formats are: .pdf or .jpg
  • Please allow up to two business days for your file to be added to your patient chart. If needed sooner, please contact us at (207) 523-3963, Option 2.
  • Immunizations records are available through MyInterMed, the patient portal. There is no need to submit a request to Health Information Management for immunization records. Information on how to set up and access MyInterMed is available here.

You may also fax information to (207) 523-8581.

You may also mail your items to:

InterMed Health Information Management
100 Gannett Drive, Suite C
South Portland, ME 04106

Important information on medical records requests

To ensure adequate processing of your medical records request, please be aware that:

  • Requests cover records related to care at all InterMed locations, unless otherwise specified. If the InterMed form is used, requests will be valid for two calendar years from when the request is signed.
  • Please complete all forms to the best of your ability. If any items are missing from the form, or if the form is not signed and dated, your request may be delayed or returned to you.
  • If the patient is over the age of 18, authorizations signed by a representative must be verified by including a copy of one of the following documents:
    • Legal guardianship papers
    • Advance directive or health care power of attorney, for patients unable to make health care decisions.
    • Designation of a personal representative, which allows the representative to act on the patient’s behalf about personal health information.

Requesting records of deceased patients

  • If you are requesting the medical records of a deceased patient, you must submit an Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information form along with a copy of the death certificate and evidence of Probate Court appointment as Executor of Estate. If there is no probate appointment of an executor or representative, please provide copy of the death certificate and a copy of your identification for next-of-kin identification.
  • Records can be released to anyone whom the patient authorizes (in writing) to receive them. If an expiration date is not noted, the authorization is valid for two years from the date signed.

Contact Health Information Management – Medical Records

100 Gannett Drive, Suite C
South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: (207) 523-3963, Option 2
Fax: (207) 523-8581


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