Plans We Accept

InterMed accepts most major health plans, including most HMOs and PPOs. Participation with InterMed is determined by your specific insurance carrier/policy. The best way to find out if your insurance carrier participates with InterMed is to call your insurance carrier.

New and Existing Patients – Commercial Plans:

New and Existing Patients – Medicare Advantage Plans:

InterMed does not accept any other Medicare Advantage plans. 

Existing Patients – Traditional Medicare:

InterMed accepts Medicare for existing patients who become newly eligible. Additional information is available through:

Existing Patients – MaineCare:

Existing patients who become newly eligible for MaineCare (formerly Medicaid) may choose one of the plans below to continue their care with an InterMed primary care physician.

InterMed does not accept new patients covered by MaineCare, Tricare, or Traditional Medicare/Medicare Supplements.

If you are an existing patient and your commercial coverage changes to a plan not listed above, InterMed will be considered out-of-network by your plan. For out-of-network HMO plans, this means you will not have coverage if you see an InterMed PCP or specialist without the plan’s authorization. If your new plan is a PPO plan not listed above, we may bill you up to balance charges after the plan pays its out-of-network portion.


(Updated August 2022)