Workplace Health Services

Our mission is to strengthen our clients’ competitive position by delivering innovative, leading-edge strategies that improve employee productivity, engagement and well-being. With focus on rapid intervention, ergonomics and prevention, we help our clients reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with illness and injury. Our programs also support the philosophy that it is always better for employees to be at work, minimizing the financial and emotional cost of disability.

“The program has been a huge success, yielding results beyond our expectations.”
–Dana Beaulieu, Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Manager Sappi Westbook

InterMed offers a broad range of on-site health services for employers. Our three decades of experience in workplace health includes on-site clinics that provide urgent care, occupational health services, physical therapy, and ergonomics and injury prevention.

Employees appreciate the easy access to quality healthcare where they work, while employers know their workforce is receiving the best care. InterMed is committed to excellence, whether we’re introducing programs to prevent injuries, helping employees recover from a work-related injury, or taking care of a nagging sore throat. Our comprehensive on-site health services have demonstrated cost savings to our clients through prevention of injury, rapid response and treatment of injured employees, reduced Workers’ Compensation premiums, and case management that results in less time away from work and increased employee productivity. Our patient surveys consistently report 95 – 98 percent satisfaction with the care we deliver at our worksite clinics.

Benefits of Partnering with InterMed’s Workplace Health Services

  • Better management of employees’ chronic conditions
  • Early treatment of injury or illness
  • Fewer Emergency Department visits
  • Improved productivity — less time away for travel to offsite appointments. Our clients with onsite clinics experience more than $300,000 in annual productivity savings.
  • Reduced absenteeism, due to improved health, fewer sick days
  • Reinforcement of culture of well-being, promoting company wellness initiatives
  • Improved retention — employees appreciate the clinic convenience and their company’s investment in their well-being
  • Enhanced recruitment of new employees: workplace of choice

Menu of Services

We’ll work together to customize services that fit your organization’s unique needs and goals. We can even conduct an on-site assessment to ensure we understand your company’s goals and culture prior to making recommendations.

Urgent Care

  • Evaluate, diagnose, and treat non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses
  • Phlebotomy — lab tests for acute visits
  • Referrals/orders for further diagnostic testing as needed
Physical Therapy

  • Occupational/workplace injury evaluation and treatment
  • Non-work related injury evaluation and treatment
  • Worksite evaluations for injured workers
  • Post-offer screening tests for safe job placement

Occupational Health

  • Occupational/workplace injury and illness evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
  • Fitness-for-duty exams
  • Consultation on public health/infectious disease issues
  • Injury and disability management
  • Post-offer employment physicals
  • Travel medicine
  • Immunizations
  • Vocational rehabilitation counseling
  • Safety training

Chronic Disease Management

  • Case management — disease identification disease monitoring
  • Phlebotomy — lab tests for chronic conditions
  • Coordination of care — communication with employees’ primary care provider.
  • Medication management
Health Maintenance and Prevention

  • Health screenings
  • Health education and promotion
  • Health coaching
  • Immunizations

Ergonomic and Injury Prevention

  • Ergonomics programming development and training
  • Workplace ergonomic analysis for jobs identified as high risk
  • Assess and document job physical demands
  • Job risk analysis
  • Ergonomic education, videos, pamphlets
  • Onsite consulting: pre-use design, evaluate new equipment, lean work processes, developing standard work practices all focused on prevention of injury
  • Injury prevention programming customized to physical job demands and injury trends
  • Early intervention programming
  • Wellness programming