Collection Policy

Thirty (30) days from the date of the first statement, your account will be considered past due. This does not mean your account has been or will be sent to the collection agency, only that you need to give it your prompt attention.

Please call our Billing Office at (207) 828-0361 if you are unable to pay your balances in full within (30) days.

If your outstanding balance reaches 90 days past due, the balance will be transferred to the Thomas Agency for further collection action.

It is your responsibility to present your current insurance information to InterMed check-in staff at each of your appointments. If you receive a statement that shows no insurance payments or adjustments, you will need to contact our Business Office at (207) 828-0361. Please read your statement messages, as they are important and will inform you of your account status. Note that insurance companies have timely filing limits. If InterMed is no longer able to file the claim with your insurance company due to timely filing, the claim balance will be patient responsibility.

Having your correct insurance information will prevent claim problems and collections issues.