Back Pain


Back care and injury prevention
Back pain – Emergency or urgent symptomsHow to have a healthy back
Relief for back pain
Care instructions: Back pain
Care instructions: Flank pain

Lower Back

Learning about low back pain
Video: Lower Back Pain
Care Instructions: Getting back to normal after low back pain
Care Instructions: Return to work plan for people with low back pain
Exercises: Acute low back pain
Exercises: Low back pain
Deciding about MRI for low back pain
Deciding about spinal manipulation for low back pain

Additional exercises

Exercises: Back stretches
Exercises: Therapeutic ball
Exercises: Upper back

Medial Branch Block and Neurotomy

Learning about medial branch block and neurotomy
Medial branch neurotomy: Before your procedure
Medial branch neurotomy: What to expect at home


Back pain during pregnancy
Back pain and sex
Lumbar epidural steroid injections
The Keele STarT Back Screening Tool