Speak with a provider from your home via computer or mobile device. Telehealth visits can address a variety of topics, including skin conditions, COVID-19 concerns, and behavioral health topics.

Please note: InterMed is offering telehealth services to support the health and well-being of our patients and to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19. Telehealth services are available for patients needing care for certain qualifying conditions. Contact your provider’s office to schedule an appointment. Telehealth visits may only be available during this period of COVID-19 public health management and may not become a standard service offering of InterMed.

Schedule your appointment

Contact your provider’s office to schedule a telehealth appointment. Once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions, including a link to access your appointment. Directions on using the email link, as well as other options to access your telehealth visit, can be found below.

  • You may use a laptop, PC, or MacBook with a camera and microphone, an iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone.
  • Compatible browsers on your computer: Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Chromium Edge.
  • Older iPads or iPhones with outdated software may not be compatible. Check the compatibility of your device here.

Before your visit

  • Please review our Terms of Use.
    • We will ask you to accept those terms as part of the pre-visit questionnaire.
  • If you have a blood pressure cuff, scale, or thermometer, please check your vital signs prior to your telehealth visit. There will be an option to add these to your medical record prior to your appointment.

How to access your appointment

Joining your appointment:

In some instances, we conduct telehealth appointments via Zoom. If you’ve been notified that your appointment will be on Zoom, click here.

Other helpful information

Tips for your telehealth visit

  • Hold the camera in front of your face unless your provider asks you to show some other part of your body.
  • Find a private area where you can keep your medical information confidential.
  • If you are a new patient to InterMed or have new insurance carrier, please have your insurance card available.
    • Notify the provider so they may take a picture of the front and back of your card.

To learn more, watch this video on how to start your first TeleVisit: