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Douglas Aiken, MD

Family Physician

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Undergraduate Education

Davidson College

Medical School

Bowman-Gray School of Medicine of Wake-Forest University


Maine Medical Center


Mercy Hospital

Board Certification

National Board of Medical Examiners American Board of Family Medicine


American Academy of Family Physicians Maine Academy of Family Physicians

I am passionate about primary care and feel it is the answer to many of the healthcare issues this country struggles with.


I do some occupational medicine and have been running an onsite employee health clinic at L.L. Bean for the past 25 years. I enjoy musculoskeletal medicine in the occupational medicine I do and in my practice. I was going to be a veterinarian, but a vet I worked for in high school talked me into the medical school route.


I studied at Davidson College with a Bachelor of Science in Premed and Wake Forest School of Medicine, and had my internship and residency at Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital.


I really enjoy getting to know my patients on a personal level. The long-term relationships one develops as a family practitioner are special to me. If I am able to positively influence someone’s life it is a good day.


Most of my patients know me pretty well. I share my life with them as much as they share their lives with me. I have no hidden talents. I do enjoy rock and roll music and play a pretty mean air guitar. I still go to rock shows, mostly with my son. That might surprise some of my patients.

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